Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TWD: Cocoa Nana Bread

I haven't been baking that much lately. And ya know what? I miss it. Hopefully I can sneak a few more goodies in a little more often.

So, this recipe is the latest Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. And it's a bread with loads of chocolate and bananas thrown in. Ya know... so you can eat it for breakfast or call it "kinda" healthy. Neither of which accurately pertain to this recipe.

I halved the recipe and made it in a disposable loaf pan. The cook time didn't really work for me, though. First of all... the bread oozed out of the top of the middle of the pan. And I never really felt like the center got cooked enough.

In the end I ended up with ends that were too dry and a center that was slightly over-cooked, but edible. The bread was definitely delicious though, and I think if maybe I cooked it in a regular loaf pan it would have cooked more evenly. Because of the dry crumb, I found myself digging the chocolate chips out of the bread and just eating them. The banana flavor was very subtle. I kept thinking that it would be delicious with a smear of peanut butter. Ya know... just to make it even "healthier."

Click HERE for the recipe, thank's to Steph of Obsessed with Baking's for choosing this week's recipe. I've had my eye on it for awhile and was happy to finally make it!


Steph said...

Thanks for baking along Amy! It sounds like PB would be a great addition, although, if so many people were freaking out over chocolate + banana... I wonder what would have happened if this was banana chocolate pb loaf...haha

erin said...

I would go for peanut butter- that sounds great!

I kept trying to convince myself that with the banana it was "healthy" but the end result was too much like cake for me to believe that!

Flourchild said...

I smothered my bread with a peanut butter glaze and stuffed it with reese's pb cups!

Susan said...

Peanut butter makes everything better! :)

Anonymous said...

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spike. said...

I tried it with PB and it was fab. Never seen a disposable pan like that before- pretty cool.