Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TWD: Creme Brulee

I've had creme brulee twice in my whole entire life. The first time being last October and the last time being a couple weeks ago. It was totally not what I expected the first time I had it, it was okay, but it wasn't as rich and creamy as I had imagined creme brulee being. The next time I had it, it was better than the first, but not like knock me out of my socks good.

So, when Mari of Mevrouw Cupcake chose Creme Brulee for this week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, I was psyched! Now I could see what REAL creme brulee is supposed to taste like.

I went on a bit of a mission to find a cheap creme brulee set. I went to all the usual suspect stores for discounted bakeware... Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx.... none of them had one (though if you're looking for butter warmers, rest assured, all three places had about 1500 sets). I did find a set at Target for 19.99 and luckily I happened to notice on the box that it did not include the torch fuel which was sitting right next to it for an additional 4.99. So, for $25+ tax, I opted out of the fancy schmancy cookware and went old school. I told my self, if I like this recipe... I'll ask for a set for christmas (although, to be honest... I've asked for a set for the past 5 christmases and have yet to get one).

The recipe was super freaking easy. I mean, besides the fact that it literally took like 15 minutes for my milk and cream to get to the boiling point (is it just me or does cream not always take forever to almost boil. ugh. what is it's problem?), it was one of the easiest recipes we've done in TWD. Even the waiting on the milk to boil didn't bother me.... I think it was the aroma from the vanilla in the sugar and egg yolks that I had sitting next to me... it like lulled me into a strange calm.

Even the old school broiling in ramekins (not creme brulee dishes) was easy. I just had to let it do it's thing for a little while. I used my ceramic pie dish filled up with some ice water to get the creme brulee under the broiler. A' la....

I didn't get the burned, broiled, caramel color on top... but I did get the lightly crunchy shell.

Final verdict? This is FREAKING awesome. I mean, now I get it. I finally get what the big hoopla over creme brulee is. But, I can assure you I won't be ordering this in a restaurant again. Especially since it's so easy to make at home and so much better!
Velvety smooth and creamy... this is a definte keeper. Creme Brulee set... here I come!