Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TWD: Chocolate Pudding

Alright, so chocolate pudding isn't one of my favorite things. I mean... sure, I'll eat the snack packs and when dieting, I'll opt for the sugar free pudding, but it's just not something I ever sit around and think... damn, I'd love me a bowl full of chocolate pudding.

So when Melissa of It's Melissa's Kitchen chose Chocolate Pudding for this week's Tuesdays with Dorie, I was kind of like... hmmm.. chocolate pudding. Not bad, but not something to jump up and down about, right?

I didn't get around to making the pudding this weekend, but I did read the recipe and I noticed that a food processor was a key component in the recipe. I don't have a food processor, so I just thought... well, I can just use my Mixer (Betty) and she'll do a fine job.

Last night rolled around and I still hadn't made the pudding. I thought... well... I've made like 4-5 TWD's in a row... maybe it's time to take a break. So, yes, I decided to take a break. But, then I got home from work and I started to feel a little guilty.... I mean, I did have all the ingredients on hand...

So, I sat down with the recipe and broke it into a quarter of recipe and made two little cups of pudding. I must admit, this recipe is easy... but, I advise you measure out all your ingredients and have them ready before you begin... I was caught off guard how quickly my pudding mixture started to thicken once I put it on the stove.

And, as I was taking pictures of the pudding... I took a little taste... and then I took another little taste... and then I decided... wow... this is a lot better than snack pack pudding. And I kept sneaking spoonfuls in, until the entire cup looked like this...

So, a big thanks to Melissa for picking a recipe that I normally would have NEVER tried. If you are a big pudding fan, you'll love this recipe and even if you don't think you like pudding that much, you should give it a try. Yum.

Recipe Notes* The only change I made, was using 2% milk. I love milk. I usually drink 2% to be somewhat healthy... but if I have some leftover whole milk sitting in my fridge, I drink it up in one sitting. So, I try to stay away from buying whole milk. I thought that the 2% worked great! Very rich and creamy.