Friday, February 29, 2008

White Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Cookies

I spared you all. I really did. Last night I decided to bake something sweet, because I hadn't baked anything since last Thursday night (a long drought for me) and more than anything, I wanted chocolate chip cookies. It's a phase , apparently. I'm blaming Anna at Cookie Madness for re-sparking my interest with her multiple Chocolate Chip Experiments this week.

But, instead of the standard chocolate chip recipe, I pulled out the 500 Cookies cookbook and tried a recipe I had bookmarked in it. Originally the recipe was for Orange and White Chocolate Chip Cookies. Which, sounds good to me most of the time. But I wanted something richer, something less dainty than orange and white chocolate. So, I opted for the variation recipe of substituting peanut butter for orange zest.

The combination of white chocolate and peanut butter is something that has intrigued me recently. So, I was excited to try these cookies. I did notice that this cookie was listed in the "tea-time" section and I briefly thought... that's not just nice cookbooky talk for "dry and tasteless" is it? But, I decided to try it out anyway.

I'm a cookie dough girl. Anytime I make cookies (or brownies), I eat about 3-4 cookies worth of raw cookie dough. I love the stuff. Usually, by the time the cookies actually come out of the oven, I'm already sick of them from nibbling on the dough. So, I had my doubts about these cookies when when I tasted the dough. It was bland and not very buttery.

The first batch, I used white chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. But they turned out too bland, so I threw some semi-sweet chocolate chips in the last batch. The semi-sweet chocolate helped a little, but still these cookies were pretty boring and definitely dry. I tried spicing them up a bit by melting some hershey kisses and icing some of the cookies with that. But, I found myself just licking the chocolate off the top of the cookies, instead of eating the cookies.

Oh well, at least I only made a half batch. But be forewarned... more chocolate chip cookie recipes are on the horizon.

We had some snow this week!! Check it out!!!