Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TWD: Lenox Almond Biscotti

For me, this quasi cookie/pseudo biscuit baked good should come with a tagline:

Homemade Biscotti... awesome kitchen potpourri... terrible cookie/biscuit impersonator.

I was hoping that I had just had "bad" biscotti in my past... and that magically, these biscotti would become my new favorite baked good. Alas... they did not. I'm just not a biscotti girl. I don't drink coffee (I get my caffeine by way of liquid crack...read: diet coke) and I don't generally eat ice cream... so... these were just kind of like sugary croutons for me. I'm sure if you like biscotti though... they're fantastic.

They are easy enough to make... and I halved the recipe (thank goodness), used some vanilla in place of the almond extract. I mean, I'm all for almond extract, but it sounded like just a wee too much for me... and I think the half and half vanilla/almond extract was a smart choice. I also threw in some coconut... cause... ya know... why not waste one of your favorite ingredients in a cookie you most likely won't like, right??? Hmph.

Anyway, if you like biscotti give this a try... you can visit Gretchen's blog at Canela & Comino and be sure to check out all the other TWDers at Tuesdays with Dorie.