Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Will there come a time when I put trust in my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and balk at all other recipes? Probably not. Because, I'm just like that... I mean, I've had about 3 other favorites in the past and at some point, they've all been beaten out by another. I have to admit though, after making the Jacques Torre's cookies from the New York Times many times now, I really haven't been tempted by any other recipes.

Until this one.

It just so happened, when I stumbled upon the recipe on Patsy's Blog, I was already planning on making Chocolate Chip Cookies. My friend Jeff received his PhD from Johns Hopkins (yeah, all my friends are wayyy smarter than me) and since I couldn't be there for the defense (or whatever it's called), I decided to send him a card and a package of cookies. (He probably enjoyed that better than my company, anyway. haha).

This is the latest recipe from Cook's Illustrated. It involves yet another different technique (browning the butter), but aside from that... comes together really easily.

It doesn't take the crown away from Jacques, but they are delicious cookies. Very sturdy and thick, but still with a chew. You should definitely give them a try, maybe they'll be YOUR favorite recipe!

Patsy asked and recieved permission from Cook's Illustrated to post the recipe on her blog, so I'm linking to her blog post with the recipe.

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie from Cook's Illustrated