Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TWD: Caramel Crunch Bars

Oh, Dorie. You've done it now. I mean... it's been fairly easy for me to throw away the leftovers of my Tuesdays with Dorie recipes. Sure, it takes willpower, but so far, I've had enough to just manage little enough bites of everything to not screw over my diet. Until Whitney of What's Left on the Table's pick this week for Caramel Crunch Bars.

These bars are freaking insane. First of all... can we talk about the crust? I omitted nearly everything superfluous in it. No cinnamon, no chocolate chips, no espresso and it was AWESOME. I couldn't help but cut off a corner or edge everytime I walked by the kitchen. Particulary when it was hot out of the oven... still gooey and not fully set. TO. DIE. FOR. Yum!

I'm not really sure how to describe these bars.. they aren't really caramel-y. It's kind of like a soft, shortbread crust with melted chocolate on top and heath toffee bits strewn on top. These are diet buster bars. Thank god, I went to my parents house yesterday and unloaded them onto them. Haha. Suckers.