Friday, February 8, 2008

I need your help!!!

It's not often that I eat something purchased from a grocery store or even a bakery that knocks my socks off. I mean, I've been disappointed by so many crappy brownies and cupcakes, that I typically stay away from things that aren't homemade.

A baked goods snob? Yes. I am. I like homemade goodies. Where you can taste the real butter and sugar in it and not just some homogenized milk powdered crap or something.

But, last night I had an experience. Steph came over and pulled something out of her pocket that she prefaced with: "This is going to change your life."

She knows me well.

This is what she pulled out. A carton of "Praline and Cream Butterbars" from a company called Upper Crust Crumbs Dessert Company .

What is inside this carton is sheer joy. In bar form.To describe it... it's actually very similiar to the Low Country Bars in flavor. But, it has a very soft, moist crust. The bottom layer tastes like it's basically all butter with a tbsp of flour thrown in there to firm it up a bit. Seriously. Very buttery. The inside layer is very sweet and creamy, like an icing. And the top layer is a soft layer of praline topping.

I found something about it online and it referred to it as "a shortbread base with a buttercream filling and a topping."

I need a recipe for this. Bad. So, I'm asking for some help. Steph bought this at whole foods, but I'd like to try a recipe at home. I think I'll start with adapting the Low Country Bar a bit... using a ground up graham cracker crust, putting the icing in the center and then making a praline topping and I think that will come very close.

Any other suggestions or ideas?

I need a fix man. I need to be able to make these at home. Help a girl out.