Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I admit it. When it comes to making chocolate chip cookies, I usually buy the tube at the grocery store. It's not that they are easier. It's that they are better! Whenever I tried to make chocolate chip cookies, they always turned out cakey. I don't like cakey cookies, I like chewy cookies. So, I stuck with the roll.

Until, while reading my favorite blog... Cookie Madness, I came across this recipe that was posted on epicurious. It made sense to me... I had melted butter for recipes in the past, and they turned out crappy, but it was because I never chilled the dough (which, the recipe doesn't specifically call for, but in the cookie madness post about the recipe, she recommended chilling the dough.

So, I made 4 cookie sheets worth (only about 26 cookies) and chilled a HUGE log to make the rest later. I wonder if I can freeze the cookie dough log? Anyway, the only changes I made to the recipe, were that I used a whole tbsp of vanilla and I used half milk chocolate chips and half semi-sweet and I added a few more chips than the recipe called for. They turned out perfect! They are a little crispier on the outside than I would like, but this is a great starting point! The best cookies I've ever made!