Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TWD: Dimply Plum Cake.

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Michelle at Bake-en. She chose the Dimply Plum Cake.

This cake was an experiment in substitutions for me. First off... my grocery store had peaches on sale, so I opted to follow my pocketbook instead of the recipe and picked up some peaches. Little did I know that they were sale because they were shitty. Pretty and red on the outside... hard as a rock and flavorless on the inside. Awesome.

I also attempted to make this recipe healthier... I used white whole wheat flour and applesauce instead of oil. And instead of brown sugar, I used the Splenda Brown Sugar. These substitutions worked out great!

I also substituted cinnamon instead of cardamom (what the heck is cardamom???) and almond extract instead of vanilla. Those two substitutions.... ehhhh.. not so great. This cake would have been awesome if I nixed the cinnamon and used vanilla instead of almond extract. As it was, it was pretty good... but the almond extract was wayyyyy overpowering and the cinnamon... ehhh.. I just wasn't feeling it.

It was a good cake, though... and I'll likely try it again with actual plums.

I halved the recipe and came out with one mini loaf pan.


Anonymous said...

the peaches have been shitty in my neighborhood all summer, too bad because i'd have made this with peaches too. i love your idea of using applesauce, i'm DEFINITELY writing that note in my book.

Sarah said...

I just got some AWESOME peaches, but they are the exception around here, not the rule. I like the idea of the loaf pan though and I will have to try it with applesauce next time. Great job!

La Bella Cooks said...

Sorry to hear about the shitty peaches, but where I live, they have been crap all summer. I have been wanting to try the brown sugar splenda but after your blurb about it, I may just give it a try. Your loaf/cake look delicious!

chocolatechic said...

Our peaches in this area have been awful too.

Either they are lovely and hard, or rot in days.

Engineer Baker said...

It's such a gamble if peaches are good, isn't it? Your mini loaf cake looks quit pretty though.

Christine said...

Sorry about the peaches but the loaf pan was a wonderful idea!

Shelby said...

I really hate it when you spend good money on a stone fruit that is horrible. I really hate mealy fruit too.

I have used the brown sugar splenda in a pecan pie and nobody even knew the difference!

Anonymous said...

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