Friday, July 11, 2008

Monster Cookies

Imagine this... a cookie with all your favorite things...

Chocolate Chips
M & Ms
Reese Pieces
Peanut Butter

I know what you're thinking... Favorites overload, right?? But, amazingly... it's not! Somehow, these cookies with way too much stuff in them are well balanced and delicious. The peanut butter is mild, the oatmeal isn't too heavy. It works in a harmonious blend to create a super yummy, easy cookie.

And there's no flour (although, I'm sure the calories that would be in the flour, are just lurking in the peanut butter or the m & m's or whatever). So, this is a yummy cookie recipe. One that I will definitely make again.

Monster Cookies (I quartered this recipe, and it still made about 12 HUGE cookies, so keep that in mind).


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I don't want to be an enabler or anything. Well, maybe. Have you read the post on the New York Times for the best chocolate chip cookie in the world? It's based on a Jacques Torres recipe and you chill it for three days. Three days! That's gotta be torture. Anyway, since I can't eat gluten (I know, that's real torture for a baker)I was hoping you'd do it for me.
Today's the first time I've seen your post and you're funny and not obsessed just OCD. No really, what's the point in baking if you can't make it perfect? I ask you.

Anonymous said...

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