Tuesday, October 16, 2007

World Peace Cookies

When I first starting reading food blogs, I noticed a bunch of entries devoted to this cookie: The Korova Cookie a.k.a. World Peace Cookie. Most people raved over it. It never really looked like something I would be into, so I never printed the recipe out.

This weekend, I had every intention of making Oatmeal Creme Pies. I bought all the ingredients, was ready to go. But when Sunday rolled around, I just wasn't feeling them. I wanted something chocolatey... so, I decided to try this cookies once and for all.

I made a special trip to the grocery to get Fine Sea Salt and Unsalted Butter (I typically use salted butter... I'm a salt fiend). And I got to work.

These cookies are tasty. Especially when still warm (not hot). They have a GREAT texture that you don't often find in cookies. A sandy, yet soft texture. But, my palate isn't very sophisticated. I like sweet chocolate, not bittersweet chocolate. So, I think I'll try these again with a couple of changes to the recipe:

1. I think I will actually use more salt. Maybe 1/2 tsp instead of just a 1/4.
2. I think I'll mix some milk chocolate along with the bittersweet chocolate. Just to give the cookie more sweetness for my palate.
3. I'll add a touch more vanilla. (Have I mentioned I love vanilla?).

These are very good cookies, but not the worlds greatest cookie as I've seen it referred to before. I'm still searching for that :)

Korova Cookies a.k.a. World Peace Cookies Recipe

Also, a note on the picture. I've found that taking pictures of chocolate chocolate chip cookies is a difficult task. Hopefully this picture looks appetizing, because my last blog entry that featured chocolate chocolate chip cookies prompted my friend Jeff to say that they looked like dog turd cookies.

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