Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Birthday... another chocolate chip recipe.

This is my friend Jeff:
Trust me, I have WAAYYYY more fun and interesting (read that as drunk and hilarious) pics of this guy, but he has my ticket to the South Carolina vs. LSU game and I can't piss him off till after that...

Jeff is one of my best friends and his birthday was Sunday. We met in college and ours is one of the rare friendships that actually grows stronger AFTER college than during. He's hilarious... he's one of those people that you love hanging out with because you know that you are going to be laughing a lot. And he's loyal. Very loyal... everyone should have a Jeff as one of their best friends.

So, since he is such a good friend and since he lives in baltimore, the baked goods I can send him are limited to ones that ship well... I asked him what his favorite type of cookie is. His answer was:

"Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies"

He studies measles for chrissakes, I should have known it was going to be something basic. Well, anyway, I decided to try a different chocolate chip recipe just for fun and I found this recipe.

This was the best chocolate chip cookie dough I've ever had. I could have eaten the whole freaking bowl. Luckily, for Jeff's sake, I didn't.

The cookies are just good. Not spectacular, but good. I think I still prefer the epicurious recipe, which has a crispier outside and smoother center. But this a good for those who like all-round soft and chewy.

And look how cute they look packaged up in Martha Stewart cookie boxes! They won't look this cute when he gets them after the USPS gets their hands on them.

I need to go back to 1st grade, seriously, I have the penmenship of a six year old.

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